Sunday, 21 June 2015

Designing again.

After a long absence, I'm back designing again.  I can never leave it totally, I'm always doing something design related.  Lots has happened since I retired.  I've had to move to NSW to care for my mother who was in a very serious car accident, and my son is a grown man and living almost 900kms away in QLD with his girlfriend.

I started playing around in photoshop a couple of months ago, and was soon hooked and spending my spare time designing.  It took around 4 weeks (due to not much free time) to create my first new collection, but as mum improves, and slowly regains some of her independence, I'm finding more time to design.

So.... for now I only have my designs in my Memory Mixer store, and I'm looking for one other store to join - but the catch is the requirements must be low due to my situation.  Not an easy task, but I'm looking and hopeful. I'll post my new designs in a separate post.

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